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Why do Ukrainians not fully respect COVID-19?

Updated: May 24, 2021

Ukraine supposedly will begin to weaken quarantine on May 12th, and the lifting of restrictions will occur gradually. However, not all citizens listen to advice. Why? Because Ukrainians have a historical life-lessons that makes them fear no one and decide their lives on their own. Regardless of what rulers may try to impose them to accept if their personal perspective does not match with the events or what the media tells them to be. That happens not because they are inconsistent; on the contrary, because all their life, they had to trust and count on themselves and no one else. I do not claim there is no virus. Yes, there is! But is it commendable all this social, economic turmoil, loss of freedom, and human rights and destroy the world's economy? No, it isn't, and Ukrainians can easily understand that.

On May 2nd, entrepreneurs gathered at the President's Office for a rally against quarantine. (photos) Restaurateurs have equipped summer terraces and called for permission to operate catering establishments, at least on summer terraces. Practice shows that the desire to stroll through parks, shopping at Epicentre (Ukrainian Home Depot) attend Easter religious celebration, or even the funeral of one more killed soldier in ATO (photos). Make Ukrainians forget about the bias threat of a non-identified so far virus and ignore a possible $630 fine for violating quarantine. That, as we see, is seldom implemented as common sense exists among everyone, and the authorities are no exception. (on this case law enforcement agents)

Lets read the facts, as they speak by itself bias-free: - as per today, May 3rd. 2020, from (or of, nobody knows precisely) COVID-19, 288 deaths - more than 1 million Ukrainians are living with cancer, and in 2018, 98.266 died from it. DID ANYONE CLOSE THE COUNTRY ECONOMY TO HELP THE SUFFERING 1 MILLION OR AVOID 98 THOUSAND FROM DYING?

- worldwide, from (or of, nobody knows precisely) COVID-19 died as per today, 244.000 people  - in 2018 alone, all over the world, died 9.6 million people DID ANYONE CLOSE THE WORLD'S ECONOMY TO HELP MINIMIZE 9.6 MILLION DEATHS FROM CANCER (ALONE) IN 2018?



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