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About us

Alex and many of his affiliated companies understand the importance of providing tailored matchmaking services that you can trust.

How it works

ForHimDating is an elite matchmaking service with tailored headhunting corresponding to your purposes.


See for yourself what our clients have to say about their success of finding love in Ukraine with ForHimDating.

Expert advise & guidance

Maximising your likelihood of achieving the best results in international dating since 2005 

Let me promptly and honestly reply to all your nagging questions on international dating. As an international Matchmaker in Ukraine since 2005, I know all the obstacles and misleading practices you'll have to face if not honestly informed. I will help you to be prepared to succeed with real matches and avoid financial and emotional losses. 

Let me help you explore what may hold you from meeting the right person. Preparing for international dating and acquire awareness is of determinant importance to succeed abroad. Booking a Skype Consultation-Call with me, I will share my knowledge with you and help you detect and unveil misleading practices and the best process to decode and verify the authenticity of online dating profiles.

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Tailored Matchmaking

Focused on individual assessment and goals

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