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Kyiv to Enter the "Red Zone" in the Coming Days - Kyiv's Mayor

The mayor of the city Vitaly Klitschko said at the beginning of the session of the Kyiv City Council today (21.10.2021).

"One of these days Kyiv will get there, no matter how we want it, but it looks like we will get into the red quarantine zone one of these days. Because the situation with the spread of the virus, unfortunately, in our city is getting worse. Kyiv has registered more than 1.2 thousand new patients, 39 deaths. And the age of those who died - from 29. In recent days, hospitals have hospitalized over half a thousand patients. Most of them, unfortunately, are in serious condition. In our hospitals, more than 50% are already filled" Klitschko stressed.

He said that a meeting of the Standing Committee on Fuel and Energy Sector and Emergency Situations on Coronavirus is planned on Friday, which will consider the issue of strengthening restrictive measures in the capital.

When Kyiv enters the "Red Zone" we'll update this article.

[Original Source]: Unian (Ukrainian)


The Ministry of Health recommends on PCR / rapid test document:

  • Be in English (translation into Ukrainian is preferable - not obligatory.

  • State the sample collection time and the time when received the result.

  • Specifically, mention the test type – PCR – polymerase chain reaction.

  • Show the full name, date of birth, and passport number of the traveler.

  • Include name, address, and contact details of the lab performing the test

  • Clearly state the result – COVID-19 Not detected or negative.

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