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The naked truth behind dating online propaganda

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Often I am asked:

"Are my options reduced by searching for a young foreign wife, with no children, and speaking English?"

 This one is easy! When men put me such requirements, regardless of any other factors as their potential to succeed, I do say:

"Yes, you have some!" And immediately after, I explain to him how his options progressively narrow down at each added requirement.

"Of an entire database, what percentage of women can speak without a translator?" 

Yeah, that's the turn-off right there. Let's bring the facts to the table and help you figure it out by yourself.

Pretty photos influence a lot, but only the numbers speak the truth.

Not long ago, I make a statistic study exactly to help my clients understand the extent of their options.

Within approximately 2,500 women profiles in 10 dating sites, this is what numbers undoubtedly say:



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