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Can Online Dating Be A Form Of Virtual Escort?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Can women that make you company with the sole purpose of generating income be called scammers or escorts? Confessions of a former one, so we understand the difference. How and why do they get into such activity. How does it work? How much do they win, and by which means? Answers to all these questions on an exposing interview subtitled in English, so our audience has access to information mainly in Russian.

Escort or prostitute? How girls get into an escort activity. Model parties, sheiks, oligarchs. Why has Dubai become an escort hub? Confessions of a former escort. How much does it cost to sell virginity and bullying online? Answers to all these questions are answered on an exposing video we translated and subtitled in English so our audience has access to information mostly available to Russian speakers.

When we google "difference between escort and prostitute," we get the following definition:

An escort spends time with a person in exchange for money. In most cases, the escort accompanies a client to a social function or other engagement. The escort may work under a contract for several days or weeks. On the other hand, a prostitute is usually engaged for a very short period.

There is some confusion about whether escort services fall under the same laws as prostitution. The term escort is often mistaken for a prostitute. However, the terms are not commutable.

A woman can provide escort services without being charged with prostitution crime. The problem arises if she offers sexual favors as part of her escort service.

Unfortunately, Google does not recognize the difference between both terms. Paradoxically speaking, all becomes very clear when Googling the question: "are escort services legal in Ukraine?"

the answer is:

"Prostitution in Ukraine is illegal but widespread and largely ignored by the government..."

Yes! Very much ignored indeed.

Ukraine is one of the most attractive countries for sex tourism. After all, everyone has long known that the most beautiful women live here. But unfortunately, when in such an overwhelming environment, not so many foreign men can identify and distinguish an attractive, well-dressed Ukrainian woman from an escort, or even a prostitute.

In the eyes of the law, only when money is involved to pay for sexual services, an escort becomes a prostitute. But can we say that women that chat with men online with no purpose in having a relationship but charge per minute are also a kind of affectional virtual escorts?

Unfortunately, many men are led to live virtual relationships online believing they are talking to the women in the photos, fall in love, and ironically reach to become engaged online without having ever met the woman in person.

Many of these men see many signs things are not as it looks like. There are many red flags and facts that do not match and for those more attentive a clear evidence they are being deceived.

But there are others who knowingly persist and stay online dating just for the sake of their self-satisfaction living a delusional paid fantasy. There are men literally wasting between one hundred dollars up to $300,000 in one year dating online.

As we understand, and often against all odds, many men persist in staying online, dating virtual women, and writing to them (often not those on the pictures) paying for the time their egos are being praised, sometimes in a way of avoiding loneliness or lack of emotions in their lives. So, if it all goes down to paying their time, women, who offer themselves to marriage agencies with the sole purpose of generating income through their online presence can be called virtual escorts!

When in an emotional stage, any disenchanted men name those women from up the best till down of the beast in a fraction of a second.

Such situations can happen due to many factors. Let's divide them for now into three major online causes or groups of men who date online:

  • The man is caught off guard online by lack of information.

  • The man has always seen what he wanted to see regardless.

  • The man consciously uses online dating as a tool for his satisfaction.

In the end, it depends on how the man position himself and what he really expects from the woman he searches for: the gorgeous Ukrainian bride online, the real partner in life with all its vicissitudes, or a sex partner that makes him feel like a stallion in bed?

To have the three in one is a Utopia; the woman all men desire, the borderless sexual partner, and simultaneously your twin soulmate. Yeah, maybe!

Those who "purchase dreams online" are not doing anything else more than paying a virtual escort for her time. If you want to learn how these pay-per-letter sites work, watch Online Letter Scam above.

But that's not our today's main subject. You are here to learn about the difference between escorts and prostitutes. How do girls get into an escort life, and why?

Original Video: [Russian]


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Aug 18, 2021

That persons who cheat bring just bed reputation to Ukraine, there must be some changes, they need to be processed by law and pay for damage made.

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