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Secrets of the Eastern Orthodox Church

60 min


Tailored Virtual Tour

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Tour Description

Thanks to my personal video and photos I will make You feel inside the 11-century old Cathedrals and monasteries. Fasten the belts and let’s start our time journey!

During this tour, You will travel through the ancient monasteries and churches, enjoy 11-century mosaics and frescos and found out life stories of the legendary heroes.

- Why Kyiv is known as a city of the golden domes?

- What are the main orthodox traditions and believes that people follow even now?
- Why do people stand during the service in the Church?
- What are the main differences between the Eastern Orthodox and the Catholic Church?

This 1-hour tour covers TOP facts about the architecture, magnificent buildings and churches, ancient legends, and some well-hidden spots that are true gems to be enjoyed.

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