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Visit Ukraine With Expert in-Country Step-by-Step Advice

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

How to get a COVID-19 PCR test at Ukrainian airports of Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Kyiv?

This service allows foreign travelers arriving from "red zone" countries to resolve the self-isolation decision imposed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

If the result is negative, travelers will be able to resolve self-isolation within 24-48 working hours (depending on the time of the tests), and according to the following algorithm:

- within 24-48 working hours after collecting analyzes, the laboratory enters the test result into the electronic system of the Center for Public Health of Ukraine;

- data is synchronized automatically with the service "Diy Vdoma"; (Instaling the App step-by-step)

- the App service "Diy Vdoma" notifies the passenger about the termination of mandatory self-isolation.

Testing negative for Covid-19 DOES NOT exclude mandatory health insurance. Learn how to get an insurance policy covering COVID-19 and abide Ukrainian law

Please note that to be removed from mandatory quarantine, you need to indicate the same mobile number specified in the "Diy Vdoma" service during your registration.

How to use the "Act at Home" track & tracing app step-by-step?

Instructions for using the electronic service "act at home" single state web portal of electronic services for resolving the issue of observation (isolation) of persons who cross the state border or leave temporarily occupied territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, of the autonomous republic of Crimea and Sevastopol.

Travelers Reported Experience

About the app:

  • Border authorities prime in facilitating the best experience to travelers landing in Ukraine; before passport control, border officers assist in downloading the "Diy Vdoma" app and sporadically provide free of charge local SIM cards (depending on availability).

  • Some travelers reported entering Ukraine without having downloaded the app, with more incidence to those who crossed the land border by bus or car and regardless of their original country of departure.

  • So far, among close to 100 travelers, I assisted and follow-through; only one at Borispyl had issues with the law by departing after 7-days stay. Though, facilitated to enter without the app downloaded, leaving before the 14-days self-isolation period seems to have raised problems and fined in an amount still to define by a court law.

  • Several other travelers, who downloaded the app when still at home, saw their self-isolation period reduced due to the app have started counting the 14-days since the downloading/activation date. (such cases are more frequent among resident foreigners when returning to Ukraine.

About testing:

  • Testing at airports became the most effective and fast way to resolve the mandatory self-isolation within 24-hours; it works efficiently as announced.

  • Regarding pre-paying the PCR test before arrival, the opinions vary as the payment seems not to grant any service priority. In both cases, travelers have a waiting line to perform the test (though never longer than 1-hour.

  • IT IS HIGHLY ADVISABLE to collect your luggage before heading to the test's area to avoid leaving your luggage abandon spinning on the belt and its consequent possible loss.

  • All main cities have certified laboratories to perform PCR tests, and some, at request, send the doctor to your address. VERY IMPORTANT - Ensure that the laboratory at your express request (otherwise they won't do it) sends the negative PCR test result to the Center of Public Health of Ukraine.

  • As reported, the only disadvantage in using such labs is the necessary 3-days to provide the test result plus an additional 1 to 2 days to deactivate the app. It seems that those labs are not state labs, so; information appears to be processed differently.

PCR Text Result from the laboratory at Kharkiv airport on Aug. 11, 2020

About insurance:

  • It is the only unavoidable State demand and must cover the exact time of your stay and mention "coverage of medical expenses on the territory of Ukraine expenses related to COVID-19 treatment and observation under the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of June 12, 2020, 480."

  • It also must mention the exact address (rental, hotel, or at friends) where you'll spend your time in Ukraine as also match the address in the app installed on your mobile.

  • Foreign health insurance is not accepted unless issued by an international insurance company with a Ukrainian counterpart or legal representation in Ukraine.

  • Electronic policies (PDF file) suffice border control requirements.


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