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Ukraine the Real Situation From Within

Updated: May 29, 2022

Hell of a time. 2020 COVID-19— business collapsed.

2021 I had a car accident that involved a deadly victim. Five months later, my father died of cancer in his brain. Now the war in the 21st century, I am a war refugee.

We are living in Poltava with almost no food in supermarkets or medication. Mother-in-law on a bed after spine surgery, brother-in-law on the front, credits closed and limited to withdraw per day the equivalent to $100 from cash machines and not every day.

The family is safe in the village; I am in the city helping Defenders, buying them food within my capacity, and guarding the house.

Now I need to leave to grant my family safety, but I am not allowed in trains as men cannot occupy a woman or child's place. Roads are too risky after curfew hours, as police and soldiers have orders to shoot to kill. On roads connecting cities and especially those leading to safe borders, cars are sometimes stopped and robbed, leaving people out of their belongings in the middle of the road.

It will get worst. All Ukrainians expect this, but they will fight and die standing like a tree.

Humanitarian corridors have not been respected, and ambulances and people have been shot down just as a statement from the Russian troops to break the Ukrainian spirit. But they won't succeed. On the contrary, Ukrainians have no mercy and hunt them down like dogs—a living hell.

Before the war started, I was able to help a friend's Ukrainian wife to leave the country and another one's fiancée precisely on the very last day. He was kind enough to offer himself to receive my family in his house in Florida until things in Ukraine get safe. That allows me to come back and keep helping other friends and clients rescue their beloved ones.

I've no other way to say this than bluntly. If any of you are willing to support my work while banks in Ukraine still work, I and those I can help will undoubtedly be deeply thankful. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, it is mostly money that opens doors and facilitates things to happen. I'm running out of my means as I alone sustain a family of 6 and 2 kids, as also some defenders at the barricades where my brother-in-law also is and will stay. I took his wife and son as my responsibility to take to Portugal and sustain them there as long as needed. Not easy, as no income and doubled obligations. But family always must be protected.

I didn't want to leave Ukraine and leave anyone behind, but I must think about my family and not expose them to such eminent risk as we feel today, plus the nuclear threat. Because of that, I had to make the excruciating decision to save my wife, daughter, sister-in-law, and her seven-year-old son and leave other family members behind as my in-laws and brother-in-law.

I cannot reach everywhere or everyone without putting someone at risk, so the decision was made to serve a lesser loss, and of course, women and children are first. All my assets in Ukraine are frozen except for meagre checking accounts, so, I also need to search how to keep working and generate income doing what I always have done during the last 17 years: help foreign men to find legit Ukrainian women, and now both will need my help more than ever.

I do not feel comfortable exposing myself this way, but life here reached a survival mode beyond anyone's comprehension, and priorities need to be contemplated seriously.

God bless us all and protect us from this insane and unjust war. Ukraine can not afford to lose because if Ukraine loses, the world will also deeply lose, opening a financial crisis without precedents for a long time yet to come.

Love and peace to you and your beloved ones.

If you trust me to help others by donating to my work or advance a deposit for future services, I may provide you with my capabilities. (I am not referring to my family, but other people in Ukraine are deprived of almost everything) I will be deeply thankful, and definitely will reciprocate such gestures accordingly and within my capabilities with anything related to Ukraine and its people.

  • MoneyGram, WU, Remitly, IntelExpress, Wallsend, Meest, Sigue, all these systems still work promptly and efficiently in Ukraine today.

Just care to put my name below (the all 5)

  • Names: Carlos Alexandre

  • Middle name: Martins

  • Family names: Santos Pinto


USD account details:

Associated email:

Account holder: Carlos Alexandre Martins dos Santos Pinto

Routing number: 084009519

Account number: 9600000194966349

Account Type: Checking

Wise's address: 19 W 24th Street, New York, NY 10010 United States

Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your support,

Alex Pinto



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