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The entry ban to Ukraine is officially cancelled - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW from A to Z.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 888 amended the previous Resolution of July 22, 2020, № 641, which establish quarantine (until October 31) and introduce enhanced anti-epidemic measures.

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 888 says:

"Foreigners and stateless persons can cross the state border on entry to Ukraine if there is a policy (certificate) of insurance. The document must be issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine, or a foreign insurance company with a representative office in Ukraine, or a contractual relationship with an insurance company - a partner in Ukraine (assistants). The policy should cover costs related to COVID-19 treatment, observation, and valid per-time stay in Ukraine.

There's a general requirement for self-isolation for all categories of travelers (citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, and stateless persons) arriving in Ukraine with a significant spread of COVID-19 ("red countries list")as well as for foreigners who are citizens (subjected) from specified on the list of countries as of September 25, 2020, on the website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine."

"The requirement for self-isolation does not apply to the following categories of persons (if there is no reason to believe that they have contacted COVID-19):

- children up to 12 years;

- persons who arrive in Ukraine to study in higher education institutions;

- persons who are citizens of states with a significant spread of COVID-19 but have not been in the territory of these states for the last 14 days or are transit the territory of Ukraine and have documents confirming departure abroad within two days;

- employees of diplomatic representatives and consular institutions of foreign states, representatives of international organizations accredited in Ukraine, and members of their families;

- drivers and members of the crew of cargo vehicles, buses that carry out regular transportation, members of air and sea crews, river vessels, members of train and locomotive brigades;

- instructors of the armed forces of NATO members and states - participants of the NATO Partnership for Peace program, which participate in the activities of the preparation of units of the Armed Forces;

- culture figures by the invitation of the institution of culture together with one person accompanying each of them;

- persons carrying out transportation of hemopoietic stem cells for transplantation;

- persons who have a negative result of COVID-19 testing by the method of Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that was conducted no more than 48 hours before crossing the border."



This service allows foreign travelers arriving from "red zone" countries to resolve the self-isolation resolution imposed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

If the result is negative, travelers will be able to resolve self-isolation within 24-48 hours (depending on the time of the tests), and according to the following algorithm:

- within 24-48 working hours after collecting analyzes, the laboratory enters the test result into the electronic system of the Center for Public Health of Ukraine;

- data is automatically synchronized with the service "Diy Vdoma";

- the App service "Diy Vdoma" notifies the passenger about the termination of mandatory self-isolation.

Instructions for using the electronic service "act at home" state web portal of electronic services for the resolution of the issue of observation (isolation) of persons who cross the Ukraine state border arriving from a "red" zone country.


Key-questions about the "Act at Home" self-isolation app:

  • If you're originally flying from a "red" listed country, do you need to download the app? YES!

Coming from a "red' country (and regardless of your layover country), you're obliged to have COVID-19 insurance, download the app, and have a Ukrainian SIM-card number to provide to the border control and/or laboratory at the airport.

  • Your native country is on the "red" list, but you originally fly from a "green" country?

NO, BUT ONLY if you stay no less than 14 days in a "green" listed country. To layover in a "green" listed country does not exempt you from any of the three obligatory items. Check the list of 'red' countries according to the Ukrainian Government.

  • Do you need to have a Ukrainian SIM-card to download the app when still at home? NO!

You can download the app (Apple Store, Google Play) days before traveling and having your native SIM-card active. Border officers only demand the app installed, not activated. The activation of the app must only take place when at your final address.

  • If running a COVID-19 test at the arrival airport, do you still need to download the app? YES!

You'll have to have the app downloaded (But not activated) before the passport control and before submitting the test. (Only if you're arriving from a "red" country) Check labs' locations and costs at any destination airport.

  • If running a COVID-19 test at the arrival, do you need to have a Ukrainian SIM-card? YES!

Within 24-hours, you'll then receive a message on your app saying: "Self-isolation or observation has terminated," and only then you're compliant with the conditions of self-isolation and deleted from the app. How to set up the "Act at Home" app step-by-step.

  • If you make a PCR test before departure, do you need to download the app or have a Ukrainian SIM-card? NO!

You do not need to undergo self-isolation or download the app, regardless of your country's color, if the test was conducted within 48-hours before arriving in Ukraine and written in the English language.

As stated in the law, "Self-isolation, observation of a person in connection with the crossing of the state border (who came from the state or is a citizen (subject) of the state with a significant spread of COVID-19) is terminated in case of a negative COVID-19 test by polymerase chain reaction crossing the state border or no later than 48 hours before the crossing."


To provide you with an obstacles-free supported trip to Ukraine, we are ready to assist you in having a Ukrainian SIM-card on-time and characteristics matching your needs.

You do not need to have a Ukrainian SIM-card on your smartphone to download the App "Act at Home."

To provide the passport-border control and/or airport lab your Ukrainian number, it is not obligatory to physically have the physical SIM-card with you, since within 24-hours you'll be able to have it delivered to you in-hand (by a friend) or picking it at the nearest Nova Poshta courier branch sent by us.

When arriving from a "red" zone country, you'll need to know your local Ukrainian number beforehand you'll use to connect the "Act at Home" app. (there are no SIM-cards selling points at the airport)

It is recommended to pick your luggage before making the PCR test so it won't stay abandoned spinning on the luggage belt and lose it, as the test may hold you up to 1-hour.

Key features included:

- bank processing and handling fees.

- electronic policy and supporting docs emailed to your inbox

- tailored consultation on how to lawfully cross the border, activate the "Act at Home" app, and find certified laboratories to run a PCR near you



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