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Self-Isolation App Dii Vdoma

Updated: May 24, 2021

Are you planning to travel to Ukraine from a "red" zone country and need crucial information?

As there's no exception to prevent a newcomer from purchasing a Covid-19 Insurance Policy from a Ukrainian-based company, the "Act at Home" app and Ukrainian SIM-card, only have one way to avoid.

As stated by Ukrainian law, "State border or checkpoints; clarification of the insurance policy (certificate) for foreigners and stateless persons crossing the state border in terms of its issuance by an insurance company registered in Ukraine or a foreign insurance company that has a representative office in Ukraine or a contractual relationship with a partner insurance company on the territory of Ukraine (assistance), and coverage of costs associated with the treatment of COVID-19, observation, valid for the period of stay in Ukraine." What the law says about the App Act at Home

Key-questions about the "Act at Home" self-isolation app:

  • If you're originally flying from a "red" listed country, do you need to download the app? YES!

Coming from a "red' country (and regardless of your layover country), you're obliged to have COVID-19 insurance, download the app, and have a Ukrainian SIM-card number to provide to the border control and/or laboratory at the airport.

  • Your native country is on the "red" list, but you originally fly from a "green" country?

NO, BUT ONLY if you stay no less than 14 days on a "green" listed country. To layover in a "green" listed country does not exempt you from any of the three obligatory items. Check the list of 'red' countries according to the Ukrainian Government.

  • Do you need to have a Ukrainian SIM-card to download the app when still at home? NO!

You can download the app (Apple Store, Google Play) days before traveling and having your native SIM-card active. Border officers only demand the app installed, not activated. The activation of the app must only take place when at your final address.

  • If running a COVID-19 test at the arrival airport, do you still need to download the app? YES!

You'll have to have the app downloaded (But not activated) before the passport control and before submitting the test. (Only if you're arriving from a "red" country) Check labs' locations and costs at any destination airport.

  • If running a COVID-19 test at the arrival, do you need to have a Ukrainian SIM-card? YES!

Within 24-hours you'll then receive a message on your app saying: "Self-isolation or observation has terminated," and only then you're compliant with the conditions of self-isolation and deleted from the app. How to set up the "Act at Home" app step-by-step.

  • If you make a PCR test before departure, do you need to download the app or have a Ukrainian SIM-card? NO!

You do not need to undergo self-isolation or download the app, regardless of your country color, if the test was conducted within 48-hours before arriving in Ukraine, and it is written in the English language.

As stated in the law, "Self-isolation, observation of a person in connection with the crossing of the state border (who came from the state or is a citizen (subject) of the state with a significant spread of COVID-19) is terminated in case of a negative COVID-19 test by polymerase chain reaction crossing the state border or no later than 48 hours before the crossing."


Key features included:

- bank processing and handling fees.

- electronic policy and supporting docs emailed to your inbox

- tailored consultation on how to lawfully cross the border, activate the "Act at Home" app, and find certified laboratories to run a PCR near you




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