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SARS-Covid-19 rapid test available at Boryspil Airport

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

At the Boryspil International Airport, on the 2nd floor of the public area, on Terminal D, there is a biomaterial collection point for PCR and rapid testing for COVID-19.

The biomaterial is collected by professionals from the medical center of Boryspil International Airport and tested by medical laboratories ADONIS, Aesculab, MedLab, IMMD, and UNIVERSUM CLINIC.

Foreign nationals from a "red zone" will not be required to self-isolate or take a COVID-19 test upon arrival if they take a PCR test 48 before traveling to Ukraine.

The PCR test is needed to prevent self-isolation if you arrived in Ukraine from a "red" country and fly abroad to most countries.

If you are departing and want to undergo PCR testing at the Boryspil airport, you need to arrive at the airport in advance and call + 38044-281-72-35 or +38063 980-67-47 so that the airport staff can meet and escort you to the biomaterial collection point. The cost of services is determined by each laboratory independently.

Available PCR testing offers - from UAH 850 to UAH 1,100.

A rapid test to determine the SARS-CoV-2 antigen is now available at Boryspil Airport for those departing the country. Testing time - up to 30 minutes, each laboratory's cost varies from 650 UAH. up to UAH 800.

Certificates are provided not only in Ukrainian but also in English. Biological material sampling is provided 24/7.


What exactly are rapid COVID-19 tests?

There are two types of rapid COVID-19 tests that Health Canada has approved. The first is Abbott Laboratories’ ID NOW, a molecular test that detects the virus’ genetic material, most famously used at the White House—although not well.

The second is the Panbio COVID-19 antigen rapid test, which detects the virus protein and acts “like a pregnancy test,” Kozak said. Rather than sending the sample to a lab, test administrators can place them into a tube with some liquid and then drip it on the Panbio device to get a result.

Both these tests require nasal swabs and can process those samples in the same place a patient is tested. Both produce results in 15 minutes. For comparison, the “gold-standard” PCR testing device currently used across Canada takes at least a day to provide the results but can process 100 samples in an hour.


All necessary links for travelers to Ukraine

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine advises that PCR document showing results must:

  • Be in English (translation into Ukrainian is preferable, if possible - not obligatory)

  • State the sample collection time and the time when results were received

  • Specifically, mention the test type – PCR – polymerase chain reaction.

  • Show the full name, date of birth, and passport number of the traveler.

  • Include the name, address, and contact details of the lab performing the test

  • Clearly state the result – COVID-19 NO or COVID-19 YES.

COVID-19 Testing

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