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PrivatBank Introduces Restrictive Rules for Money Transfers

PrivatBank is making new changes to how the bank handles the transfer of money from one client to another (domestically and internationally). As a result of these changes a limitation to the number of transfers a client can make has now gone into effect.

In an attempt to crack down on anti-money laundering as well as adhering to other legal requirements. The bank states that this will primarily concern those who send or receive more than 100 transfers per month.

New restrictions for senders:

Now each client of PrivatBank will be able to make no more than 100 transfers within Ukraine and 25 transfers for international payments.

New restrictions for receivers:

A PrivatBank client who wants to receive funds through a card-to-card transfer must be aware of the new limits. Now everyone can receive no more than 100 transfers within Ukraine and no more than 30 transfers from abroad.

New restrictions on p2p transfers regarding card-to-Visa / Mastercard transfer limits through all channels have been in effect since October.

PrivatBank also states what to do for customers who receive many transfers. If the card receives charitable money or funds for the treatment of a child or volunteer money, the account holder should call 3700 or contact a consultant in the "Help Online" chat. After that, the client must send links to social networks or documents confirming the implementation of charitable activities. If the charitable activity is confirmed, the bank will establish an unlimited regime for transfers within one working day.

If the card receives money for the sale of goods via the Internet, PrivatBank notes that it is not possible to use a personal card for business activities. To receive an unlimited number of transfers, a person should open an account of a naturalised person - an entrepreneur or a person engaged in professional independent activity in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.


The Ministry of Health recommends on PCR / rapid test document:

  • Be in English (translation into Ukrainian is preferable - not obligatory.

  • State the sample collection time and the time when received the result.

  • Specifically, mention the test type – PCR – polymerase chain reaction.

  • Show the full name, date of birth, and passport number of the traveler.

  • Include name, address, and contact details of the lab performing the test

  • Clearly state the result – COVID-19 Not detected or negative.

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