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List of documents that allow foreigners to enter Ukraine

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The State Border Guard Service informs about the list of documents confirming travel to Ukraine of certain categories of foreigners or stateless persons during temporary restrictions on entry into Ukraine.

As previously reported, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at an extraordinary meeting on August 27 amended the resolution of July 22 № 641. It specified the categories of foreigners who will enter Ukraine during the period of restrictions from August 28 to September 28, 2020.

Thus, foreigners or stateless persons:

- who is one of the spouses of a citizen of Ukraine must have a marriage certificate;

- who are parents or children of a citizen of Ukraine - birth certificate;

- traveling through the territory of Ukraine in transit - documents confirming departure abroad within two days;

- who come to Ukraine for study purposes - an invitation from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine or a certificate of temporary residence in Ukraine, or a type D visa;

- serving in the Armed Forces - documents confirming military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

- who permanently or temporarily reside on the territory of Ukraine - a certificate of permanent residence or a certificate of temporary residence in Ukraine;

- who are recognized as refugees or persons in need of additional protection - a refugee travel document or a refugee identity card;

- are employees of diplomatic missions and consular posts of foreign states, missions of official international missions, organizations accredited in Ukraine, and members of their families - documents confirming such status (relevant certificate, accreditation card);

- are heads and members of official delegations of foreign states, employees of international organizations, as well as persons accompanying them and entering Ukraine at the invitation of the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - documents confirming such status / relevant invitation;

- are drivers and/or crew members of freight vehicles, buses engaged in regular transportation, crew members of aircraft, ships, and river vessels, members of train and locomotive crews - documents confirming this status;

- are instructors of the armed forces of NATO member states and member states of the NATO "Partnership for Peace" program, who take part in training activities of units of the Armed Forces or arrive at the invitation of the Ministry of Defense - documents confirming such status/invitation;

- are cultural figures who arrive at the invitation of a cultural institution together with one person accompanying each of them - an invitation from a cultural institution, documents confirming the status of an accompanying person;

- arriving to participate in official sports competitions held on the territory of Ukraine, and accompanying persons - documents confirming the person's participation in official sports competitions and invitations from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, documents confirming the status of accompanying person;

- are technical specialists who come to Ukraine at the invitation of representatives of Ukrainian enterprises - invitations from representatives of Ukrainian enterprises;

- are persons transporting hematopoietic stem cells for transplantation - supporting documents from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine or a health care institution of Ukraine;

- who come for treatment to health care institutions of Ukraine - supporting documents from the health care institution of Ukraine.

In some cases, the head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine may decide on the admission of foreigners and stateless persons if there are humanitarian grounds.




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