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How to identify a dating profile legitimacy

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Once I was asked:

Serious question for you, and I hope you not mind and will answer it.

You use to work with local ladies from Poltava that you at least had a decent chance to know or get a feeling for. Now I see your website has profiles of well-known pay-per-letter daters and scammers. Why do you work with pay-per-letter scam agencies that you for ten years have bashed and said are bad?

I appreciate such an open style and upfront speech, and my reply was:

It is tough to manage my kind of business, as what mainly calls prospectives' attention is images that typically give insufficient information about the real person.

Poltava is a small town, and the offer of women to propose became very low, leading me to have to find alternatives to gather a more significant offer of women.

We both know that, if looking at a restaurant crowded with clients versus an empty one, clients will enter the crowded one. And this is what was happening with my database. Men demand new profiles all the time to keep their attention on my website. Still, quantity is not quality, and that is where I make the difference.

For obvious reasons, I can't know every woman from other cities personally. I have to trust my affiliated agencies' feedback as a start. Then, when the time comes, I interview the women my male client is interested in and decide if I should let proceed to meet him or not. That is my primary work: screen people. Men or women.

How these agencies manage their own business is their prerogative. I do not give orders in no ones' house. But, if any of the agencies bring me a bad woman and I can confirm it, that profile is immediately deleted, and my trust in the agency is affected. If such a situation repeats itself, then I am forced to quit on them and remove all their represented women. It happened before, and it may happen again. But without giving it a chance, I will never know.

We also both know that in 90% of the cases, this scourge of PPL is not the woman in the photo writing but someone else on her behalf. The majority of these cases, the women are not aware of what the agency is doing with their profiles. You must agree with that. And this destroys the opportunities of many good women to find a decent man. Moreover, it gives those women a bad reputation, which they do not deserve. (I exclude conscient scammers obviously).

Often agencies simultaneously post the same women on several dating websites. Once again, their freedom to manage their own business. But one thing we both know: those women are not directly writing to the men on those online dating platforms or awaken at 5 in the morning replying them. I always tried to expose this, and I won't give up on doing it.

My website does not offer pay-per-letter communication precisely so I can distinguish myself from the others.

Men pay a membership fee and can speak on video Skype with the women approved and certified by me. From the membership fee, I pay to my affiliates the given services, facilitating my client to speak with the women during Skype video chats. So, as you may guess, the last thing I want is to promote and pay to scam my client and let myself also be scammed.

I genuinely believe that the place should not represent the person. If, for some casual reason, I am in the wrong place or surrounded by bad people, that does not imply that I also am a terrible person. That said, I believe many women become victimized by the agencies' greed and wrong conduct. But I cannot police them. I keep to myself the responsibility to screen those women when necessary and at my clients' request. That is the significant work that states the difference between many other companies and mine.

Dealing with people is the most challenging task to have, especially when involving so much anxiety, expectations, judgmental attitudes, and personalities. Impossible to please everyone or possess the secret formula to match people. I would say I mostly match-search than match-make. I coach men to match. They do or not, the match I found for them. Only the man and the woman together and face-to-face can do it. The hard part is, between me, the man and the woman, is always her to have the final word, right? That's why I can never guarantee any match; the final result never depends on me.

If you had a bad experience with a woman from my database and you can prove she deliberately scammed you, I will you share with me so I can delete the profile and call to responsibility who posted it.

As I always say, and that is the reason why I do not accept all clients who apply to my services, Sometimes I am forced to decline some of them after having a personal interview on Skype video call. (more often than I would like).

Deceived by dating propaganda, many men develop unrealistic expectations. To help me to find out if that's the case, I created the "Evaluate Your Success" form on my website. It allows me to learn a bit about them before having Skype and optimize my time.

I want to work only with men who recognize the value of my assistance screening the women for them, and not because I have thousands of women on my website. Women we always can find, the hard part is in whom we can trust.

I have 20 affiliated companies; nevertheless, you observe I only have a few more than a thousand profiles. That happens because I gave them explicit rules not to post with me any less recommended women as my work is 100% based on personal interaction with my male/female clients, and I do not want any complaints from both parties. Still, a rotten apple may infiltrate my database due to someone's less honest behavior. To avoid that, I also count on the feedback other men like you can provide to help me to "keep the house clean."

I hope I could help you understand a bit more about this dating abroad dynamics and background. Online dating is not much more than other online entertainment like gambling. Both are a numbers game where we seldom win something real.

It is not easy, but it is possible to win money honestly. Not as much as PPL does but, attitudes stay with those who have them.

If you still having doubts, watch this insightful explanation on how PPL works. Pay-per-letter behind the scenes explained



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