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How to get an insurance policy covering COVID-19 and abide Ukrainian law

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Key features included:

- bank processing and handling fees.

- electronic policy and supporting docs emailed to your inbox

- tailored consultation/information to lawfully cross the border, how, and when to activate the app "Act at Home" and find certified laboratories at your arrival airport or city destination.

Insurance Policy covers COVID-19 treatment and observation up to 30,000 Euros.

- 15 days insurance coverage - $30 (emergency order the same day* - $40)

- 30 days insurance coverage - $40 (emergency order the same day* - $50)

- 90 days insurance coverage - $60 (emergency order the same day* - $70)

Fast Track customers

If you ordered between 8:00 & 17:00 EEST you will receive your Insurance Policy later today. Orders placed after 17:00 will be prioritized for the following morning.

Standard Delivery customers

Please allow 1-2 days for your policy to be processed and delivered.

Feel free to contact Alex Pinto for any Q&A to with the subject line "Insurance" - we try to assist everyone according to each one's needs and urgency.


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