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How to find a wife online?

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

The propaganda says: "maybe she lives in another country, does not speak English, and is a young gorgeous girl. But anyway, we’ll make sure you meet her." - Really!?

Moreover, "There are no limitations for us; we will set you up with her and help you build a long-lasting love story ending in a happy marriage and lots of lovely kids."

You read this and you start thinking and get confused.

So you decide to give it a another look 👀

And read:

Now they really got your attention, and all seems so easy at a distance of a click, right!? 😉 😉 😉

Let's talk seriously:

Sometimes people hold firm core beliefs. When presented with evidence against their convictions, they tend to refuse to accept any evidence that can go against their views, creating a highly uncomfortable feeling called Cognitive Dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance dating online describes the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. Seeking consistency in attitudes and perceptions causes unease, feelings, and despair. And because it is so essential to protect the core belief, people will tend to rationalize, ignore, or even deny anything that goes against what emotionality wants to believe regardless of how obvious evidence can be.

When involved in online dating, honestly searching for a life partner or just looking for validation or recognition out of loneliness, cognitive dissonance, expectations management, and anxiety constitutes a significant obstacle enough to jeopardize a realistic approach and success.

Men often ask me:

  • "If looking for a Ukrainian woman as a life partner, which chances do I have?"

When men put me such question and in a brief analysis recognizing their age, appearance, background, social skills, and expectations, the answer is always the same:

"The chances of succeeding are directly proportional to who you are (as a person), how you represent yourself, and your reasonability versus the characteristics of who you are looking for. If the level of your ambition is not in alignment with whom you represent, then most likely your probabilities of succeeding are confined to numbers game entirely out of your power."

Awareness of essential facts is vital to avoid the emotional embarrassment of scamming yourself.

There is no perpetrator without an emotionally blind facilitator.

Manipulation cannot succeed without a lack of self-awareness or even a certain level of naiveness when evaluating the likelihood of success using shortcuts as online dating websites. The concept of using the services of an online company where men and women from different parts of the world get together to find each other sounds compelling.

The exponential risk is very high if comparing online dating with the traditional and millennial way of getting acquainted with someone, always in person, through a friend or colleague. Online, all is impersonal, virtual, and no ones' identities can be certified with the aggravation that those who manage the site have an inherent financial interest that does not prioritize you as the user but the websites' profitability no matter what.

Never forget that online dating is the business of love, and so, as in most cases, money subverts and corrupts outcomes. Money doesn't buy love; we all know it. But when dealing with strangers online, it can lead anyone less informed into a long-term virtual relationship with consequent emotional and financial losses.

Suppose it would not be that those websites know beforehand that online users' legitimacy is highly dubious and that there's a high probability of fraud that can lead to legal actions against the websites' owners. Such websites would not care to elaborate so many detailed policies and disclaimers, clearing any responsibility in all possible cases and circumstances constantly against the user safety and good results.

We never read the "small letters" and mostly only see what we wanna see.

That's our Achilles Heel, and the industry knows it very well!

The implied message is clear:

  • "You pay us, and use the service 100% at your own risk!"

Just read the highlighted disclaimers on this fragment from an online dating site.

If you're searching for a wife abroad, bear in mind that women, regardless of their nationality, have prevalent vicissitudes.

When searching for a wife overseas, please note that mail-order bride is an archaic term from the 20th century that is utterly obsolete and no longer exists.

If advertisements like this cause you the slightest thought of being possible?

You should, for your safety, forbid yourself even to try to register on such sites.

Particularly in the former Soviet Union countries, due to cultural differences, history, family traditions, and many other factors, women behave differently. You may already know that Slavic women have unique peculiarities.

But you may not know how to decode and overcome such intercultural differences and how your lack of innate knowledge can influence your achievements dating women overseas. Online dating propaganda is a Trojan Horse straight to your heart with most likely the help of your eyes and naiveness.

You need to know what Ukrainian women want from men, and for your own sake, do not even try to think you will get to know it when dating online.

1 Comment

May 26, 2021

I recognize my self from early days of my search for Slavic woman. What I note that miss in all those services who make connect with Slavic woman- countryside woman! I spent almost five months in one village in Rivenska oblast and must say that those woman are such amazing. But mostly have no social profile and use very limited Internet.

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