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History of Ukraine since 960 A.D. till today

It all started with Kyiv Rus. It lasted from the 9th to the 13th century, uniting the lands from the Black to the Baltic Sea. In 882, Prince Oleg killed the Kyiv rulers Askold and Dere to make Kyiv "the mother of all Russian cities" and to protect himself from attacks of Scandinavian tribes (Vikings).

Then the descendants of the Rurik dynasty came to power: Igor, Olga, Svyatoslav, Vladimir the Great, Yaroslav the Wise. (photo below)

Svyatoslav had three sons, and they had even more descendants, who found it increasingly difficult to share power with each generation. It all ended in domestic wars: the lands of Kyiv were divided into small pieces, and after all, the Mongol-Tatar tribes destroyed them.

Ukraine passed into the possession of the Commonwealth (Rich Pospolyta), the Moscow State, and the Khazar Khaganate.

For the next 300 years, the Left Bank of Ukraine was under the influence of Moscow, and the Right Bank – under the influence of Poland and Lithuania. As a result of the national liberation war of 1648-1657, part of Ukraine gained independence. Bohdan Khmelnytskyi (photo bellow) founded the Zaporizhian Army (Zaporizhian Sich) and tried his best to support the acquired statehood.

Due to the fact Ukraine was divided between three different states, the Ukrainians themselves did not fully support the idea of national revival. They could not find a common language, and in 1678 Ukraine was divided along the Dnieper. But the revolutionary years did not go unnoticed: the hetmans abolished serfdom, built churches, introduced democracy, and gave the peasants land that had previously belonged to the Polish burghers.

In the 1920s, Ukraine had every chance to preserve its independence and avoid the heavy involvement of the Soviet Union. The Nazis played an important role here.

In 1917, after the February Revolution, when the monarchy was overthrown, the Ukrainian ethnic lands gained autonomy within the Russian Empire. The bolsheviks came to Ukraine trying to convert Ukrainians to communist ideology. Just then, the Nazis (it was during the First World War) entered the territory of the Ukrainian People's Republic, and the bolsheviks temporarily returned to Russia. Ukraine, not having a strong army, took a neutral position to protect itself from the war. The Central Rada signed a peace treaty with the Germans and the Austro-Hungarians.

When the First World War ended, absolute chaos began. The bolsheviks returned to the territory of Ukraine, where they opposed the nationalists and monarchists.

In 1918-19 there was also the Western Ukrainian Republic, which appeared after the collapse of Austria-Hungary. On January 22, 1919, it even merged with the Ukrainian People's Republic, but six months later, it was annexed by Poland. Just then, Polish nationalists, enlisting the support of the Entente, tried to revive the Commonwealth (Rich Pospolyta).

Western Ukrainian lands were divided between Poland and Czechoslovakia. Everything else became part of the Soviet Union, and then there was no chance to regain independence.

Protests began in the Eastern Bloc in the late 1980s. Ukraine began the process of withdrawing from the Soviet Union on July 16, 1990, by adopting the Declaration of State Sovereignty. After the failure of the August coup, a coup d'état in which Gorbachev relinquished power, Ukraine declared independence. Since then, Independence Day is August 24.



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1 Comment

Sep 08, 2021

To regret, many things are not correct, as well this article is based on official and intentionally made ancient history wrong. Our history (Serbian-Ukrainian) in old period is identical. First at all, no document mention Kyiv Russia, name was different. The same Kyiv is at least 2500 years old city. Few years ago, Netanyahu (premier of Israel) say that Israel people are saved by Serbs some 2000 years ago. Obviously he have some documents still not available to us and they identify us as very old people. From Serbian history- our land was badly destroyed in 7 century and from area of today Ukraine comes our first Tzar, he was Dervelyanin. He comes from Zakarpatye. Hryvna was first released by…

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