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From December 19, new restrictions were applied throughout Ukraine.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The government has introduced an updated list of quarantine restrictions from December 19, 2020.

In particular, the new restrictions prohibit:

  • Carrying out mass events (performances, holidays, concerts) in educational institutions with children's participation from more than one group/class and visitors' presence.

  • Carrying out in entertaining establishments and public catering establishments of celebratory actions, banquets, master classes, public events.

  • The reception of visitors in museums, exhibitions, galleries, etc., is more than one person per 10 square meters in the halls.

  • The work of catering establishments from 23:00 to 7:00 (except for delivery and takeaway orders). Settlement operations are terminated after 22:00. On the night from 31.12 to 01.01, restaurants and cafes' work will be allowed until 01:00.

  • Religious events: indoors, provided the presence of more than one person per 5 square meters, outdoors, provided that the distance of 1.5 meters between those present.

Restrictions that continue to operate unchanged (prohibited):

  • Staying in public transport and public places without a mask and being on the street without identity documents.

  • Unauthorized leaving of a place of isolation or observation.

  • Carrying out of mass cultural (including concerts), sports, social, advertising, and other actions in which more than 20 persons take part and non-observed distance in 1,5 m between participants (exceptions: official and professional sports actions without spectators, examinations) for the notary and the measures necessary to ensure the work of the authorities).

  • Operation of cinemas and cultural institutions with more than 50% of seats in one hall.

  • Transportation in passenger transport is more than the number of seats (except for the subway).

  • Carrying out of discos, work of night clubs, and public catering establishments with the organization of leisure.

  • Accommodation in catering establishments for more than 4 adults at one table and the distance between the tables is less than 2 meters.

  • The work of business entities in which employees are not provided with masks, no markings are applied to the distance between customers of 1.5 meters, and visitors do not have properly worn personal protective equipment.

  • Crossing the border for foreigners without an existing insurance policy.

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  • Activities of accommodation establishments (except for hotels, rehabilitation centers for people with disabilities, sanatoriums).

  • Visiting educational institutions by groups of more than 20 people, except for preschool, general secondary, out-of-school, and specialized art education institutions.

  • Visiting educational institutions when more than 50% of the educational institution's students and staff are in self-isolation.

  • Carrying out planned hospitalization measures (except for palliative care, assistance to women in labor, newborns, childbirth assistance, cancer patients treatment, highly specialized (tertiary) medical care, and another emergency medical care).

  • Operation of gyms and fitness centers, if they have more than one person per 20 square meters.

  • Visiting points (places) of temporary detention of persons, points of temporary stay of foreigners and stateless persons, as well as points of accommodation of refugees.

  • Crossing the border controls into the temporarily occupied territories and Crimea by foreigners without an existing insurance policy.

  • Visits by outsiders to social protection institutions, which house certain categories of citizens (older adults, war veterans, people with disabilities, mental disorders, etc.).

Source: Department of Communications of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, published on December 14, 2020, at 15:31

AFTER JANUARY 7, 2021, The government will introduce stricter quarantine restrictions from 8 to 24, 2021, inclusive.

Denis Shmygal stressed that the Government wants citizens and businesses to understand the logic of making decisions on any restrictions. Therefore, numerous discussions were held to develop a consolidated position and support for the Government's decisions.

  • "Intensified measures are being taken to prevent the deployment of a new powerful wave of morbidity, which may occur, in particular, after the New Year holidays. That is, tighter quarantine restrictions will be introduced to break the chain of morbidity that may form during the holidays." said the Prime Minister.

According to the approved document, from January 8 to 24, 2021, cafes, restaurants, bars (except for delivery and takeaway orders), cinemas, fitness clubs, gyms, swimming pools, theaters, as well as shopping malls will be banned (food trade will be allowed, medicines, veterinary drugs, personal hygiene products, and household chemicals). During the period of enhanced quarantine, it will be prohibited to visit educational institutions, trade in non-food products, hold any entertainment, sports, or cultural events.

At the same time, as the Prime Minister noted, public transport will continue to operate "so that people can go to work at those enterprises that will operate during the period of increased quarantine." There will also be grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, postal operators, hotels.


Quarantine and travel information for foreigners

Foreign citizens from "red" countries must enter 14-days self-isolation if not carrying a negative PCR test at arrival. Upon arrival at Ukrainian international airports, PCR tests are available. The test result is within 24 hours, simultaneously emailed to your inbox, and reported to the Public Health Center that consequently notify the App "Act at Home" installed in your phone before crossing the border.



The Ministry of Health advises that the PCR document showing the results should:

  • Be in English (translation into Ukrainian is preferable, if possible - not obligatory)

  • State the sample collection time and the time when results were received

  • Specifically, mention the test type – PCR – polymerase chain reaction.

  • Show the full name, date of birth, and passport number of the traveler.

  • Include the name, address, and contact details of the lab performing the test

  • Clearly state the result – COVID-19 NO or COVID-19 YES.

COVID-19 Testing

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