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COVID-19 PCR testing at Ukrainian airports of Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Kyiv.

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

This service allows foreign travelers arriving from "red zone" countries to resolve the self-isolation resolution imposed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

If the result is negative, travelers will be able to resolve self-isolation within 24-48 working hours (depending on the time of the tests), and according to the following algorithm:

- within 24-48 working hours after collecting analyzes, the laboratory enters the test result into the electronic system of the Center for Public Health of Ukraine;

- data is automatically synchronized with the service "Diy Vdoma"; (Instaling the App step-by-step)

- the App service "Diy Vdoma" notifies the passenger about the termination of mandatory self-isolation.

Testing for Covid-19 DOES NOT exclude mandatory health insurance. (How to get insurance online)

Please note that to be removed from mandatory quarantine, you need to indicate the same mobile number specified in the "Diy Vdoma" service during your registration.

On July 16, the testing point at Lviv airport opened. Medical procedure, together with foreclosure, lasts 15 minutes. You can only pay the test via the online lab page. The cost of testing is 1,500 UAH ($54).

Responsible laboratory operating at the Lviv airport

From July 17, testing passengers on the coronavirus started at Boryspil airport. Results are performed during the day. After that, an English-speaking reference with the result is sent to the passenger email address.

The cost of services is 2,100 UAH ($76). Payment is only possible by bank card. The testing occurs on the third floor of the D terminal in the registration zone desk #48. The testing procedure takes 10-15 minutes.

From July 18, such testing started at Kharkiv airport. The tests' analysis is located on the ground floor of the terminal at desk #20. The service cost depends on the time of the day: from 08:00 to 21:59 it costs 1,800 UAH., ($65) and from 22:00 to 07:59 - 2,100 UAH ($76). Payment is possible by bank card or cash.

At the Odesa airport, the mobile test collection point is located in a separate room on the new terminal's first floor. It will function during the arrival of international flights and flights from the Boryspil airport.

How to use the service?

• Fill out the form on the website and pay for the service by choosing payment online

• The results will be ready within 24 hours after the analysis.

The cost of testing is 1,500 UAH ($54).

The price information provided by The State Enterprise of Air Traffic Services of Ukraine (UkSATSE)

Where the check the last updated list of "red/green" countries?

Named as "CURRENT DATA ON COVID-19," the file can be found on the Ukraine Ministery of Health.


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