Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to wait 10-14 days for the consultation?

Having acquired your birth data (date, place and time) a thorough analysis of your natal map and horoscope has to be made, analyzing positions of the planets and connecting all the dots so later when we’re having a consultation as much accurate information as possible can be given to you. So, the more time I spend analyzing your horoscope, the more answers you will get.

What is a horoscope?

I bet you thought a horoscope to be a weekly prediction for each zodiac sign;) But, nope, it is not. A horoscope is an astrological chart representing the actual positions of the planets in the sky at the moment of your birth. A horoscope consists of 12 houses each of which represents a certain sphere of your life and its job of an astrologer to look into the position of the planets in those 12 houses and interpret how they influence your life and each sphere of it.

What is a natal map?

A natal map is like a horoscope, but it doesn’t have the division into 12 houses/spheres. A natal map is what an astrologer can interpret not having your time of birth. It can show your character, temper and life inspirations but will not show the possibilities in your life.

Why do you need my date of birth?

The more info you provide about your birth (date, time, place) the more accurate and detailed I will be able to answer your questions and see the possible paths in your life.

How will the consultation take place?

The consulatation will be via video call or phone call, whichever is more convenient for you.

More information

Personal Consultation - consists of the analysis of your skills, life patterns, inclinations, ways to make you happy, possible spheres of income, ways of succeeding in your personal life and many other things based strictly on your horoscope, no magic ball involved ;) You may also ask me questions on what I tell you during the consultation or other things you’d like to clarify in your life.

Compatibility Package - consultation consists of your personal life sphere analysis: what kind of a partner you want vs need; your patterns of behavior in a relationship; what you expect from a partner etc. Having the birth info of your 7 potential dates I analyze the possible compatibility of you with each of them: the things that may connect you or disconnect you with each of them. Which relationship could make your life better and richer, or which can make it harder.

Please note: I’m not going to make a decision for you whether you should meet them or not, that’s up to you.

Compatibility With the One - consultation consists of you and your partner’s personal life sphere analysis: what kind of a partner you want vs need; your patterns of behavior in a relationship; what you expect from a partner etc. Analyzing compatibility of you and your partner you will find out what are the things/topics that can connect you even more, and if there’s something that may cause the lack of mutual understanding. The purpose of this consultation is to make you acquainted with each other even more so all the questions on how to make your relationship work are welcome.

How long does a consultation last?

On average usually around 1hr 30mins until your last question.

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About me

About Me

My name is Lucy, and I'm in love with astrology.
I've always taken a great interest in the zodiac, as its influence on our lives was always evident to me.


So three years ago, I took it seriously and enrolled in an astrology school, and since then, my education still goes on. Astrology is so vast that the longer I study it, the deeper my knowledge goes.

I do not predict the future, nor do I give you a magic pill. I am here to help you better understand who you are, your role in life, and what you can do to be happier in harmony with yourself and others.


The astrological studies I provide are based strictly on the position of ten planets in your natal map, at the moment of your birth. Nothing else.

You'll be surprised, but having your natal map interpreted can tell you a lot about yourself, the choices you make, the circumstances you attract to yourself, and your life patterns that you live over and over, not even realizing it.

Having these explained to you will allow you to improve your life and relations with others around you. It is a tool that can answer many of your questions about events in your life, help you solve life problems better, and improve your life overall.